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Azure Servo Drives are dual-safe servo drives (1oo2D) for collaborative robot arms in medical and surgical applications. The servo drive features high speed EtherCAT (1KHz), CAN (200Hz), RS485 (200Hz). The serve drive supports high resolution absolute encoder and optical encoder. The drives also leave interface for other motor sensors. The servo drives support large through bore motors for smart actuator design.

AJ-100_no shadow_transp 2.png

Smart Actuators

Azure Smart Actuators are features modular design with a big through bore for medical and surgical collaborative robots. The large through bore allowing uninterrupted internal wiring of fluid and pneumatic tubes as well as extra digital and analog cables. The integrated joints features both an optical encoder and a magnetic absolute encoder, CAN bus, EtherCAT and RS 485 commination infaces, optional torque sensor.

Control Box.png

Safety Controller and Motion Software

The Azure medical controller box features a controller with (Dual-Safety Architecture, Real-Time) both a NXP CPU and a x86 CPU running Realtime Operating System QNX.  The controller features full motion control software with forward and inverse kinematics, trajectory planning, hand guiding and safety control. A safety critical control server with a Robot Abstraction Layer provides real time control of a collaborative robot manipulator. Azure Medical provides OEM solutions to customized surgical robots with a modularized Robot Abstraction Layer.


Azure AI

The Azure AI Box provides interface to optical trackers, C arms or O arms as well as VR/AR visualization for surgical navigational tasks. The AI Box together with the Safety Controller provides OEM solutions for surgical applications.

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